Sony HT-IS100 Home-theater Small as straw berry

Sony’s HT-IS100 feature the same elfin speakers found on 2007’s DAV-I. The 5.1-channel home-theater system includes five speakers that are just 1.7 inches in diameter. Although the unit was announced in the Japanese market recently, they will make an appearance Stateside next month.sony1-thumb-450×366.jpg The new system doesn’t have a built-in disc player, or even a “head unit”; however all of the electronics and amplifiers are consolidated into the system’s subwoofer, so there’s no need for a separate AV receiver. Three HDMI inputs, built-in AM/FM radio, and Sony’s DCAC autocalibration system are included. It is compatible with a variety of proprietary Sony accessories, including the S-AIR Air Station speakers (for expanding the audio to a multiroom setup) and Sony’s quartet of Digital Media Port accessories.To eliminate front-to-back speaker cables one can opt for the WAHT-SA10 wireless kit, which is sold separately. The Sony DAV-IS100 will be available in July for $700.


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