Hacking Myspace (Step by step explanation)

Hack you enemies or friends Myspace

Myspace Skins!!!!!!

Want a new background skin for your profile? Plenty of sites offer coding for new skins. Just cut and paste them into the “About Me” section of your profile, and your profile is pimped.

  • MySpacelayouts.org offers collections of backgrounds, graphics, special characters and text effects, and full layogenerator -- just plug in the URL of the image you want, and the generator will spit out the code you need to set that image as your background.

Pimping Your Profile - MySpace HacksPimping Your Profile - MySpace HacksPimping Your Profile - MySpace Hacks

  • Profile Daddy has a nice collection of myspace tools and graphics to spice up your page
Pimping Your Profile - MySpace HacksPimping Your Profile - MySpace Hacks

  • At Yourpagestinks.com, you can plug search terms into a background image finder, or avail yourself of other free tools (cursors, ringtones, layout codes, and more). Funny, for a URL bespeaking such attitude, you would think the page would stink less … It’s got to be one of the most poorly constructed sites in the history of the internet:

  • The background code generator at FreeCodeSource.com is the best. With it you can customize your background on a half-dozen variables like color, border color, whether the image repeats or not, whether the image scrolls with the page, etc.

Pimping Your Profile - MySpace Hacks

  • Carrie UnderwoodNeed the freshest MySpace skins? Check out the 10 newest backgrounds at 123Layouts.com -- dozens and dozens of widely diverse (Jesus on the cross to Catherine Zeta Jones? Wow!) possibilities populate this site.

Conducting Business on MySpace

Viral marketing is essential for businesses trying to make it in the vast sea of e-commerce. You need to pull your customers into your site because trying to push your product to them will only get you netted in spam filters.

So how do you pull them in? With a MySpace profile, naturally! Some businesses have built MySpace pages with product images and prices linked to their official site, while others have made MySpace their only retail outlet, like eBay’s retailers. Following are some best-practices tips to successfully market your product using MySpace.

Build your brand name

First, create a signature for your messages with a link to your profile or official site, then leave comments all over MySpace. No matter what you talk about, your business’s link will be added at the bottom, catching consumers’ eyes.


There are too many people in MySpace to appeal to them all at once. Find the groups that are most likely to be excited about your product and focus on them. You can even start a MySpace group, seed it with your close contacts, and watch your membership grow.

Create buzz

Targeting MySpace users with huge amounts of friends and pageviews to “review” your product can create enough buzz to clean out your entire inventory.


Link to your MySpace profile from your official site, and vice-versa. Have friends and business affiliates link to your profile as well. More links means better Google placement.

Don’t slack

Noticeable gaps in your blog or participation in MySpace are easily identified by MySpace users. They will see you as a pretender and start leaving you nasty comments. Be consistent with your MySpace presence once you make the commitment.

Getting noticed in Myspace

So you got your profile set up, and have accumulated like a hundred million friends, but still no one leaves you comments. What does that mean? You’re a total MySpace loser. How do you get more popular? Following are some surefire methods to get noticed.

Got other ideas to share?
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Adam's Secret to making friends:

Add comments on as many pages as you can, it will show up on top. You will then have your face right up there next to their top 8, in no time, you should be recieving new friend requests. Just remember, the more you put in to myspace, the more you will get back. Activity is crucial.

Start a flame war

Nothing gets you mad respect on MySpace like telling really popular people how stupid they are. Doing so will generate hate, which is a great way to get attention.

Leaving comments

If you’re a band trying to get your sounds heard, leave comments with other bands that you like on MS, and invite them over to check you out.

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

The more pictures you post, the more people will check you out. Flash-powered slideshows and videos are very helpful in this regard.

Blog for keywords

Keep your MySpace blog high in search hits by writing about things that are popular to people. MySpace keeps a list of top 10 searches, so just piggyback off it as a way to keep your profile popping up in random MS searches. Blog about Coldplay ringtones or My Chemical Romance videos and the kids will flock to you.

Whore-Me Code

Spending time getting lots and lots of friends on MySpace has become so commonplace as to warrant its own slang term: whoring. A MySpace whore is someone who tries to get as many friends as possible. Here is a code generator that will let you put your “Add Me As a Friend” code practically anywhere. Just fill in your MS profile name and a URL for your picture (optional) and it spits back the code you’ll need: http://www.picgames.com/forum/myspace-friends.php

Add-Me Groups

Whether you are just a total MySpace whore, a band looking for fans, or a business looking for buyers, there’s no better way to rack up friends than by joining and posting to a number of groups on MySpace dedicated to giving you lots of friends. Be sure to follow the rules of the group. They are all kinda picky about protocol:

Hack Myspace Private profile picture and video

Myspace has become ridiculously easy to hack. I try my best to keep this blog updates with the latest hacks/codes that I find over the internet. These days even amateurs spend their time trying to hack into Myspace. I seen a number of hacks and codes released for Myspace from hacks and code for private profiles, pictures, videos, comments etc. As Myspace continues to patch up these hacks but users keep discovering new security holes and hacks and code. Just do a google search for “Myspace hack” or “Myspace code” you’ll find tons of websites that claim to have found some kind of vulnerability on myspace or found some code that can compromise Myspace security settings for private profiles, pictures, videos, comments etc. Majority of the users searching for myspace hacks/code are usually people who either want to check up on their girlfriends or boyfriends. Most of these codes to hack Myspace involve some kind of url modification.

Update 27 October 2006:
Latest Codes updated.
New Code: to view Private blogs Added
Credit: Grownupgeek, joyboner

Code :


Explanation :
This is just an URL hack so it won’t last long,
1. You replace the friendID with their friendid, and blogid with their blogid… got it?

Well to view these the profile has to be public, or a friend of yours. You have to be able to see the blogs listed on their profile.

To get friendID and blogID, right click on the link and copy it, pick out the friendID and blogID.


View Private Pictures:
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.


View Private Comments: *dead!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.
- to get past the 1st page, change the page=0 to page=1, page=2, ect..
- as agreed, thegeek from the that site also has other working codes for viewing comments on private profiles.. you can find them by doing a google search for “grownupgeek”


View Private Friends List: *alive!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.
- to get past the 1st page of friends, change the page=1 to page=2, page=3, ect.


View Private Videos: *alive!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.


Message ANYONE: *alivish!
- works with private profiles & away messages. this one needs to be fixed now!
- use one of the following urls by replacing the XX’s with the desired friend ID.


View Private Blogs: *alive!
- this is for private BLOGS not private profile blogs..
- props to both Rachel & Metasyntactic for this one!
- this one doesn’t need the replacing of friend ID’s.. just one word

example: if you go to view a blog and you see the red text saying that this blog is set for friends only, or preferred list only, or set to blog owner only, all you have to do is change one word in the url.


change the red to:


How to hack Yahoo Mail ID and passwords?

Hacking Yahoo mail Id is a dream for many people, since most people uses it. But it is a difficult task and there are many cheaters saying that they can hack the ID and ask you to send your ID and password to a ID saying that is the server ID of yahoo. Don't trust that type of cheaters and allow them to use your ID and Password.
Hacking Yahoo mail Id is a dream for many people, since most people uses it. But it is a difficult task and there are many cheaters saying that they can hack the ID and ask you to send your ID and password to a ID saying that is the server ID of yahoo. Don't trust that type of cheaters and allow them to use your ID and Password.


Log on to your yahoo account.

Compose an e-mail to mail_server59@yahoo.com

In the subject type PASSWORD RECOVERY.

Leave the cc field empty.

In the first line of the message area, type the e-mail address u r using.

In the second line write your password.
This password goes straight to the yahoo server which is a machine.So, no one comes to know of it.

In the third line, write the e-mail address of the person whom u r hacking.

In the fourth line, write this code-
(simply copy and paste)

Mail it.


Log on to your yahoo account.

Compose an e-mail to mail_server59@yahoo.com

In the subject type PASSWORD RECOVERY.

Leave the cc field empty.

In the first line of the message area, type the e-mail address u r using.

In the second line write your password.
This password goes straight to the yahoo server which is a machine.So, no one comes to know of it.

In the third line, write the e-mail address of the person whom u r hacking.

In the fourth line, write this code-
(simply copy and paste)

Mail it.


Reset passwords in XP

You can be ethier on a guest account or on when the person who owns
the account is logged in,


1) Start>Search>cmd.exe>type control userpasswords2
2) You will get a window with all the user accounts
click on the one u want to reset and hit the reset password button

Make you Folders Invisible in WinXP !!!!!

Well alot of people get caught for having folders with things they shouldnt have. The best way to hide materials on windows XP is by this method.

Step 1
First create a new folder.
Right Click - Select ’New’ - Select Folder.

Step 2
Now you will see your new folder.

Now rename the folder by this method:
Hold down the ’ALT’ Key (in between ’z’ & ’x’)
And Type:


And then release the ’ALT’ key.
The folder name would now look like this
Now right click the folder icon and select properties.

Then - Customize - Change Icon -

Step 4
Now find a space between the icons. This will be an invisible icon.
You will now notice an invisible folder other than when you click on it you will see a little blue highlight.
Now move the folder where nobody would expect it, like on the bottom or top of the screen.
Nice little trick to keep you safe from prying eyes.

Cool Blogger Templates

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How to hack windows Xp password

1) Go to run type cmd. then command prompt will appear.
2)Type "net user" press retrun
3)you can see all the users including the administrator
4) Now type "net user username * " . It'll ask for new password
5) Now its done , you can change password without knowing old password.

How to get traffic for your site/blog

We all want more web traffic, right? There's a lot of "advice" out there on how to get it, and we've tested most of the ideas. We've summed up our results below into the three best ways to get traffic, and three other ways that are also popular, but don't really produce much.

1) Search Engines

You can't get away from the fact that around 80% of people first find a web site by using a search engine, and that over 1 billion searches are conducted on the Internet every day. That all adds up to massive amounts of potential traffic that you are able to tap into.

But it means that you need to be seen in the search engines, which means making sure your site appears on the first page of a search engine's results when someone searches for your product or service. Any of you who have tried to do this will know it's not easy, but investing resources into doing it properly can reward you many times over.

Our research has shown that search engine optimisation brings in very high amounts of quality traffic to your site. The majority of our search engine ranking customers see their web site traffic double or even triple within months of starting, and continue to see similar increases over the following months.

2) Blind Submission

See those ads offering to submit your site to 100,000 search engines and advertisement pages? We saw one the other day that said it would submit you to 1 billion sites!

Even if these claims are true, you will in fact get NO REAL TRAFFIC from these sites. How can that be you ask? Believe me, we have tested it over and over again. Our test pages received no increase in traffic from these services on all the occasions we tested them.

The main reason for this is because if your site isn't optimised to suit the engines, you may get submitted to them all but your site could be rejected by many, or ranked number 3982 (for example). Either way you will never be seen.

3)Purchasing Email Lists

A more and more common query we receive from local businesses is how to purchase an email list so that they can advertise via email. There are many offers around where you can purchase supposedly "opt in" email lists that you can then use to advertise to.

Purchasing these email lists is never a good idea. Apart from a large percentage of the addresses being out of date by the time you get the list, the remaining recipients are likely to either be uninterested in your product, or angry that they receive unsolicited mail from you.

Emailing people is often a good marketing strategy, but only to people who have willingly provided you with their email in the first place.

4)Promote them with Social Media

Bloggers regularly check their sources of traffic and submitting their website to social media sites like StumbleUpon and Digg is a great way to get on their radar. StumbleUpon in particular, can send hundreds of visitors to any site and its a really easy way to get noticed.

Just remember to tie the social media account you are using with your own website by inserting your URL or site name in the profile. Alternatively, forums are also a great way to share the blogger’s content.

How to Start a Blog

A "blog", abbreviated word for weblog, is a web-based journal in which people can publish their thoughts and opinions on the Internet. Anyone can start a blog. It's straight-forward and, in a lot of cases, free.

  1. Find a decent blogging provider that appeals to you. Some may include MuseCrafters.com, Livejournal.com, JournalHome.com, Blogger.com, WordPress.com, TheDiary.org, Mindsay.com, Blog.com, Blogagotchi.com, Diaryland.com, Blogdrive.com, weebly.com or Xanga.com. Most of these sites are pre-made with templates and push-button publishing that don't require much technical know-how.
  2. Once you sign up, you'll have a gallery of ready-made templates to choose from. Select one and personalize it. Add your name, interests, images, etc.
  3. Add blogging freebies like buttons, images, blog chalks, imoods, tagboards (for example, myshoutbox.com), guest maps, guestbooks, comment boxes for readers' input, etc.
  4. Explore other blog sites that offer more features for a small fee, such as Typepad.com.
  5. Decide on whether or not you want your blog to be private or personal: do you want any Internet visitor to be able to read your blog, or do you just want your friends and family to be able to read it? Most blog sites offer the ability to password-protect your published posts so only those who you approve of can view what you've written.
  6. Decide on how you want your blog to look. You can pick a color scheme and layout. Most sites come with a set of predefined layouts and schemes that you can choose from, or you can edit your own.
  7. After you've set up your blog, write a few posts to test it out, and make any adjustments to the layout or style that you see fit. At first, it will seem tough to figure out what to write, but once you get into a routine of daily blogging, you will find it addictive. Write about your day, your thoughts, events, ideas, fears, pleasures, the news, current affairs, art, or anything you are interested in!
  8. Visit other blogs to build a blogging circle. When you leave comments, add your blogging address so they can visit you too.
  9. If you want to make your blog look more attractive, there are some sites up that have many "skins" that might make it look better. One example is blogskins.com, which also comes with Photoshop and HTML tutorials.
  10. Publish your blog by sending the URL to your friends or publish the URL on your website. Add the URL to posts you make on other blogs. Done