Rapidshare Hacking - rapidshare tips and trick

Most people are always amazed as how to download multiple files at the same time using Rapidhsare.
And many want a way to bypass the 1 hour download time as imposed by rapidshare.
This post is not somthing related to hacking rapidshared website or their server but is just providing you tips and tricks to work smarter with rapidshare and we call it rapidshare hacking.

If you want to bypass the 1 hour download thing at rapid share than use this process:

Open command promt by typing cmd in RUn option of your windows.

Then in that black command window type the following:

@echo off
echo ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /flushdns
echo ipconfig /release
ipconfig /release
echo ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /renew

Thats it and this will clear everything and you can downlaod continously on rapidshare.
Download after download and no one is there to police you now

Kool ?

Now comes another rapidshare tool to download multiple files at the same time.
You can download the tool here

So finally you have learnt the art of Rapidshare Hacking, now no one can stop you from downloading your favorite files at rapidshare.

You can also go through rapidshare hacking trick for firefox users.

Rapidshare Hack For Firefox Users

The hot new Firefox plug-in takes browser customization to a whole new level by letting users filter site content or change page behaviors.

The glory of open-source software is that it allows anyone with the inclination and the scripting knowledge to get under the hood and hot-rod their computing environment. But most of the time, that advantage is available only to people with the programming skills to make the changes they want. That's where Greasemonkey, a free plug-in for Firefox, comes in -- it simplifies hacking the browser.

Released at the end 2004, Greasemonkey is the latest in a growing arsenal of Firefox customization tools. It changes how Web pages look and act by altering the rendering process. Greasemonkey is to Firefox what aftermarket parts are to cars -- it lets you personalize your browser by making it faster and more powerful or simply by making browsing more aesthetically pleasing. How and why you will use Greasemonkey (and I predict you will, if you don't already) will depend on how you browse now.

1) Install the Greasemonkey extension >>

2) Restart Firefox

3) Go to


4) Right click on rapidshare.user.js and choose "Install User Script".

Run FireFox.
From File Menu click on Open File then brouse to whereever you saved the 'greasemonkey.xpi' plug-in. Open it, wait a couple seconds for the install button becomes active. Click on it to install this plug-in then CLOSE FIREFOX.
Run FireFox again. From the File Menu click on Open File then brouse to whereever you saved the 'rapidshare.user.js'. Open it. Click the Tools Menu then click on Install User Script then click OK.
Close FireFox.

The script will let you enjoy "no wait" and multiple file downloads

Increase Browsing Speed for IE and Firefox

You really don’t need to your browser in case you are using Firefox because it is a browser which has been specially designed for optimized and fast browsing but if you can make it even a little more fast that would certainly be a treat for you. Likewise there is a trick to make Explorer 6 fast too. Browsers are designed to work with fast connections but with this trick even dial-up users can experience fast and smooth browsing.

and IE Browsing Speed

I shall be teaching you two tricks which work separately on and Internet Explorer. It doesn’t require you to be some expert rather all you have to do is change some registry values and you are done. I have also included a video tutorial for those who want to see it step by step visually. This is perhaps one of the oldest tricks to and IE but it still works great.

Trick to Increase Speed

1. Open and in the address bar write about:config and press enter
2. Double click network.http. and set it to True
3. Double click network.http..maxrequests and set value to 10 from 4
4. Right click and create a new string nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set its value to 0

You are done. Enjoy lightning fast browsing and now for IE.

. Go to Start –> Run and type regedit
2. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER –> –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Current Version –> Settings
3. Increase the values (DECIMAL) from default to a higher value e.g. 10

See the difference in speed of IE

How to speed up your computer's boot

As you may have noticed, when Windows boot, a lot of programs start running in the background (you can see these programs alongside with windows's processes in the task manager -processes tab- by pressing ctr+alt+del. Most of them put also an icon in system tray). These programs of course take time to load, which means that Windows take more time to boot! Most of the times, programs that run in the background are not needed, so you can eliminate your system's boot time by disabling them. Lets start:
  • Press start and then select run
  • Type msconfig and press enter
  • In the window that appears choose the Startup tab
  • Here is the list of programs that load when you boot your system and continue running in the background. Disable any program that you want, click "apply" and then "ok". Restart your system when you are promt to and enjoy how faster your pc boots!
Notice that it is safe to disable all these applications! They have nothing to do with the services that run also in background. You can leave in the startup list any program you want to load when you boot up your system (for example msn messenger or skype).

How to Speed Up ur PC

If you feel that your pc is slow, you should try the followings: Windows XP use a page file, which is realy big (sometimes it is up to 4GB). The page file is virtual memory. The pc uses virtual memory like RAM, but virtual memory is space on your hard disk, which is much slower than your RAM memory. If you have 512MB-1GB RAM do the followings:
  1. Right click on My Computer icon, select properties.
  2. Select "for Advanced users" and click the first "options/selections" button
  3. Select "advanced" and on the Virtual Memory tab click change
  4. Select the first button so you can set the capacity of page file and type in both spaces 1024. That means that your page file will be 1024 MB all the time.
  5. Click ok and restart your system when you are promted to so.
  6. When the system restarts, defrag your hard disk drive using windows defragment tool and you are ready!
If you have 2GB RAM or more you do not need to use page file. To set page file off, follow steps 1-3 and select "Do not use page file". Click ok and restart your system.

Cities where BSNL EVDO coverage is available.

list of cities in Kerala where BSNL EVDO coverage is available.

Station name
Alleppy Alleppey
Calicut Asokapuram
Kannur Kannur

  • Ernakulam Boat Jetty
    Panampilly Nagar
    SRM Road
    Kottyam Kottyam
    Malapuram Malapuram

Palaghat Kanjikkode
Pathanamthitta Thiruvalla
Kollam Kollam
Trichur Ayyanthole
Trichur OCB
Trivandrum Statue
Medical College

How Increase EV-DO Signal Strength

I took EVDO 2 months before. i din't get that much signal strength. one bar or maximum of two during night with two (usb) extensions. after few days, my friend old me you can boost using strength using a CD, ie, placing a cd on the EVDO wtih antenna at the right center. This worked, i got 2 bars. there was no fluctuations in the signal. then i searched for many antenna booster,for 450MHZ. but it was not that practical, self building of buying. recently i saw a video clip, for boosting signal strength for mobile phones. I calculated how much antenna length will it require to make the same thing for EVDO.
This technique did work. now i 'm getting 3 bars. The material used is a thing copper wire. Take wire about 20cm. bend at 5cm. make 5 turns of the wire on a screw or any thing that make the winding looks good. Ok then stretch the turns about 3mm wide. now make few turns on the other end.Place it on your EVDO antenna as shown in the figure. see the difference in Signal strength.