How to Speed Up ur PC

If you feel that your pc is slow, you should try the followings: Windows XP use a page file, which is realy big (sometimes it is up to 4GB). The page file is virtual memory. The pc uses virtual memory like RAM, but virtual memory is space on your hard disk, which is much slower than your RAM memory. If you have 512MB-1GB RAM do the followings:
  1. Right click on My Computer icon, select properties.
  2. Select "for Advanced users" and click the first "options/selections" button
  3. Select "advanced" and on the Virtual Memory tab click change
  4. Select the first button so you can set the capacity of page file and type in both spaces 1024. That means that your page file will be 1024 MB all the time.
  5. Click ok and restart your system when you are promted to so.
  6. When the system restarts, defrag your hard disk drive using windows defragment tool and you are ready!
If you have 2GB RAM or more you do not need to use page file. To set page file off, follow steps 1-3 and select "Do not use page file". Click ok and restart your system.