Getting noticed in Myspace

So you got your profile set up, and have accumulated like a hundred million friends, but still no one leaves you comments. What does that mean? You’re a total MySpace loser. How do you get more popular? Following are some surefire methods to get noticed.

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Adam's Secret to making friends:

Add comments on as many pages as you can, it will show up on top. You will then have your face right up there next to their top 8, in no time, you should be recieving new friend requests. Just remember, the more you put in to myspace, the more you will get back. Activity is crucial.

Start a flame war

Nothing gets you mad respect on MySpace like telling really popular people how stupid they are. Doing so will generate hate, which is a great way to get attention.

Leaving comments

If you’re a band trying to get your sounds heard, leave comments with other bands that you like on MS, and invite them over to check you out.

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

The more pictures you post, the more people will check you out. Flash-powered slideshows and videos are very helpful in this regard.

Blog for keywords

Keep your MySpace blog high in search hits by writing about things that are popular to people. MySpace keeps a list of top 10 searches, so just piggyback off it as a way to keep your profile popping up in random MS searches. Blog about Coldplay ringtones or My Chemical Romance videos and the kids will flock to you.

Whore-Me Code

Spending time getting lots and lots of friends on MySpace has become so commonplace as to warrant its own slang term: whoring. A MySpace whore is someone who tries to get as many friends as possible. Here is a code generator that will let you put your “Add Me As a Friend” code practically anywhere. Just fill in your MS profile name and a URL for your picture (optional) and it spits back the code you’ll need:

Add-Me Groups

Whether you are just a total MySpace whore, a band looking for fans, or a business looking for buyers, there’s no better way to rack up friends than by joining and posting to a number of groups on MySpace dedicated to giving you lots of friends. Be sure to follow the rules of the group. They are all kinda picky about protocol: