Conducting Business on MySpace

Viral marketing is essential for businesses trying to make it in the vast sea of e-commerce. You need to pull your customers into your site because trying to push your product to them will only get you netted in spam filters.

So how do you pull them in? With a MySpace profile, naturally! Some businesses have built MySpace pages with product images and prices linked to their official site, while others have made MySpace their only retail outlet, like eBay’s retailers. Following are some best-practices tips to successfully market your product using MySpace.

Build your brand name

First, create a signature for your messages with a link to your profile or official site, then leave comments all over MySpace. No matter what you talk about, your business’s link will be added at the bottom, catching consumers’ eyes.


There are too many people in MySpace to appeal to them all at once. Find the groups that are most likely to be excited about your product and focus on them. You can even start a MySpace group, seed it with your close contacts, and watch your membership grow.

Create buzz

Targeting MySpace users with huge amounts of friends and pageviews to “review” your product can create enough buzz to clean out your entire inventory.


Link to your MySpace profile from your official site, and vice-versa. Have friends and business affiliates link to your profile as well. More links means better Google placement.

Don’t slack

Noticeable gaps in your blog or participation in MySpace are easily identified by MySpace users. They will see you as a pretender and start leaving you nasty comments. Be consistent with your MySpace presence once you make the commitment.