Cobalt Digital Pocket Watch phone


Adam Huffman has design a new concept of Cobalt, the old skool Digital Pocket Clock that act as Pocket Cellphone with bluetooth and MP3 player, the Cobalt’s round OLED touch screen allows easy access to all its features with a simple flick of the thumb left, right, up or down. The default screen shows time, date, temperature, and updates on voicemail, email and text. Completely customizable on every level, the default screen’s settings can be changed to suit your needs from minimal analog hands to a full on digital display.


Watching the clock is an easy distraction, when there is one to be found, but you can’t very well go checking your wristwatch every ten seconds. A pocket watch, on the other hand, can be placed discreetly within a file and checked at one’s leisure. Throw in some emails and text messages and those fifty minute sessions would just fly by.


XSASX said...

how much is it and were can i get one also wht make is it cause i already read every thing on the page like its blue tooth but i want this for my first ever phone i also think this can be portraied as a futuristic piece

XSASX said...

how much and were can i get it . i would like for this to be my first ever phone please tell me aalso wht make is it.

collin said...

Sorry XSASX, it's not real just a concept