Adobe file flaw fixed by 10.5.4?

The file corruption bug in Adobe Photoshop CS3 that (re)surfaced when Mac OS X 10.5.3 arrived may be fixed by 10.5.4.

We already know that Apple and Adobe have tracked down the cause of the file corruption bug and that a fix would be delivered by Apple.

The issue strikes when a Photoshop file is saved to a network volume. Corruption occurs, and it may be serious enough to prevent the document from being re-opened by Photoshop or other applications that can handle .psd files.

Citing "people familiar with the software," AppleInsider reports that the prerelease build of Mac OS 10.5.4 sent to developers earlier this week does include that patch.

Additional changes in 10.5.4 are said to involve iCal, digital camera support, AirPort, iChat, printing, HTTP headers, Ruby and Samba.

According to other rumours, 10.5.4 may also tie in with Apple's .Mac service being renamed Mobile Me (The ".Mac" name was hard-coded into earlier versions of Mac OS X, but not in 10.5.3, and Apple as applied for trademark protection for Mobile Me), and a new piece of hardware - speculations include a revamped Mac mini, or some kind of handheld device (the much-pondered Mac tablet?).

The weekend will soon pass, WWDC will be with us, and some of these issues will be put to rest.