Access Internet From Mobile Using PCs Internet Connection

You can surf in your mobile with the internet connection in your PC. What ever it will be able to use FREE internet on mobile. Of course, you may need to pay for internet service you use already on PC.
Now as with most mobile hacks, this is limited to symbian mobiles which includes almost all Nokia Series60 and Many Sony Ericsson phones.
Anyway online most of the time, I need internet on mobile only to update themes, games and other stuff. Downloading themes, softwares and other stuff on PC and then sending them to mobile is one option but I always find its tedious.
This one is really better as its FREE and speed is much better than what GPRS ever offered!
How it will work?

We normally connect PC and Mobile for file transfer and data synchronization. One step ahead, we use GPRS on mobile to connect internet on PC side. All these means, two devices can connect to each other and share Internet. Only remaining possibility left to check was, can mobile dial/use/access internet on PC?
And here is the solution which will work for sure but may need some efforts…

A PC with internet connection. OS does not matter. Also it doesn’t matter how you connect to internet from PC.
A symbian handset with GnuBox - a free and open-source tool which will do thing on your handset.
mRouter to do things on PC side. Its optional but can save your lots of time. You can manually handle
Now first requirement is obvious, lets take care of the remaining too…
Preparing PC side…
#using mRouter (Windows only)

Windows user can download mRouter. Then install it on your PC and restart the machine.
Next you need to configure mRouter which is quick & easy. Tam Hanna explained it very well here.
#without mRouter
Now all major OS have internet connection sharing feature.
On windows, you need to add a new modem and attach it to COM port which is used fro Mobile-PC communication. As an example check this article for details on how to do it on Windows, Symbian Mobile & Bluetooth channel combo.
Covering all details of other OS is not possible here. Check tutorials section below for a matching reference.
Preparing Mobile side using GnuBox…
GnuBox is available for more than 20 different handset models. You can check all available downloads here.
GnuBox have a dedicated page here (alternate link). Do not forget to check it, as it have
For particular instructions for your handset, OS combo, check tutorials from following section.
Tutorials & References…
Official GnuBox page covers most of the details but its not enough for many users. So here is the list of tutorials & references which may help you…
Nokia 6620/6670/6260/7610/3230/6630/80/81/N70/N90. Widcomm or Bluesoleil bluetooth drivers. With Screenshots
Using mRouter with palmtop
GnuBox, Nokia 3230, mRouter & windows [pdf format]
GnuBox, Nokia 6630 and Gentoo Linux
Nokia 6600 and Linux over Bluetooth
Linux with the Sony-Ericsson P800
Share a Internet connection with a Nokia 6600 via MacOS and bluetooth
GnuBox, Nokia 7650/6600 & ALL OS
Share internet and TCP/IP services over Bluetooth
If you need to sign GnuBox sis file, check this
Internet sharing methods for GnuBox [alternate link]
Official Troubleshooting [alternate link]