Sending Fake Mail

Sometimes it is neccasary to send an email anonymously.There are several web based utilities that allow this, but each one registers the ip info in the headers which allows tracing. They alsowill not allow you to use a proxy and utilize their service. This is for security reasons.My definition of anonymous includes the email addresses Download:earing as if they have been sent from whatever address you specify as wellas no accurate record of your IP in the headers of the mail that could be traced back to you.The method that follows supports my definition of anonymous.Amazingly, all you need to accomplish this is telnet and a smtp server. Allow me to break it down.Telnet is a software Download:lication that connects one machine to another, allowing you to log on to that other machine as a user.If you don't have telnet, you can easily download it for free from the web - do a search on "telnet" or "download telnet"in any searchengine....and just for the sake of being thorough...What is SMTP?SMTP stands for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol"Basiclly just a protocol for sending e-mail.Where do you get a SMTP server?Heres a few links, but as always be aware that these sites may not be here forever or their content may change. Searching for "SMTP servers"or "SMTP server list" should produce effective results. you've selected a server, open the command prompt, and type:telnet 25(obviously replace the x's with the SMTP server you've selected)now type the following:--------------------------------HELO targetsmailserver.comMAIL FROM:whoever@whatever.comRCPT TO:target@address.comDATAfrom:whoever@whatever.comto:target@address.comsubject: whateverreceived: body of the message goes here.----------------------------------------*Note 1: Remember to end with "." on a line by itself as directed.*Note 2: Adding x-header and received allows you to alter the IP information found in the headers of the mail, making it untracable andtotally anonymous***Note 3: There are ISPs that have port 25 (SMTP) blocked. Be sure your settings and ISP allow connections to port 25. If all else fails,get the SMTP sever address from your ISP.Thats all it takes to send a totally anonymous email. Hope you enjoyed.