Why is Orkut so addicting ?

The fascination of Orkut is that it does not let you go. Once you have logged in you cannot just leave it. One would have never known that leaving scarps for friends and acquaintances is such fun. After a person joins Orkut slowly and slowly more people start discovering that person. There are a few from some organization, few from some other organization, few college mates and few school friends and it keeps rolling. The list of friends in always growing and as you interact with each other there comes a time when you feel that you have so many things common with many people. This compulsion to find like minded people can be done through Orkut and so no one can resist it.

If a person is an outgoing, extrovert, fun loving, looking for friends, then, yes Orkut is an addiction. Orkut is friendship based site, where people create their profile, few would be genuine and rest all would be fake, and upload their pictures to share with those friends who are far, and cannot be contacted. The addiction of Orkut is such that it has been banned in many offices and the reason given is wastage of man power.

On Orkut one starts searching friends from one friend, then go on to peep in their profile, search for community that interest you. There are variety communities with such diversity as from cars to condoms or dolls to dialysis. You join a community and then you become active, people will scrap some comment and then it goes on and goes on, and hence the first thing as soon as you are on the net is that you would do is to login to Orkut check new guy / gal or weather your scrapped or not.

Orkut is so addictive that one would love to sit on it for hours together, for such frivolous reasons like looking for friends, reading testimonials and scraps for other friends, or serious reasons like searching for communities that might be of an interest to you and its whole group of world filled from New Delhi to New York.

Orkut addiction has reached new levels, people spend their free time reading and writing scraps on this so called social networking site. It is one of the more addicting things on campus - but the biggest benefits of it is that it really does put you back in touch with old high school friends and you can see what they’re up to and all that.

Orkut make available many capabilities including online dating, people who share the same hobbies and interests as well as possible business connections. Once the line of your interest is known you ill be able to keep in touch with people having same interest and also create your own community or special interest arena. The special interest community lets you have many discussions on many topics the scope runs deep with Orkut as there are many variations available. Social networking in itself is very addictive, so is Orkut.

On Orkut everyone knows when your birthday is and they all say happy birthday, as if they all knew you. So happy Orkuting to you all.