Hide your maps

Well alot of people get caught for having folders with things they shouldnt have. The best way to hide materials on windows XP is by this method.

Step 1
First create a new folder.
Right Click - Select ’New’ - Select Folder.

Step 2
Now you will see your new folder.

Now rename the folder by this method:
Hold down the ’ALT’ Key (in between ’z’ & ’x’)
And Type:


And then release the ’ALT’ key.
The folder name would now look like this
Now right click the folder icon and select properties.

Then - Customize - Change Icon -

Step 4
Now find a space between the icons. This will be an invisible icon.
You will now notice an invisible folder other than when you click on it you will see a little blue highlight.
Now move the folder where nobody would expect it, like on the bottom or top of the screen.
Nice little trick to keep you safe from prying eyes.


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