Koolance Super Liquid cooled Case

SUMMARY: First look at Koolance's latest entry designed to handle hot, high powered CPUs at low noise.


he good guys at Koolance were nice enough to send us a sample of their latest entry - the "Koolance Super Liquid Cooling System". This is totally different from Koolance's earlier approach HERE.

In this case, Koolance uses a more traditional radiator setup, placing it at the top of the case and using 3 80mm fans to exhaust waste heat.

Case Top

The 3 fans are arranged such that the two fan closest to the front of the case blow in and the rear fan blows out. This, with the power supply fan, serves to exhaust hot air out of the case. The radiator compartment is isolated from the rest of the case, so there is no intermixing of air streams, as shown here:

Case Inside

In about the top middle of the case, you can see a portion of the radiator. The inside is standard for a mid-tower: 3 CD slots, 2 floppy and 2 hard drive (the HD tray slides out). One of the CD slots is taken by the radiator assembly.

The fans have rubber skirts on the front two to better direct airflow into the radiator:


Removing the top gives a clear view of the radiator and power supply (this is my power supply - the Koolance PS was DOA):

Case Top

The aluminum radiator has two tubes on either end with channels welded to the top and bottom tubes:


This is more like a car radiator or heater core design. Most of the radiators offered by others feature a tube that loops through the fins. The User Manual indicates that there is a pressure relief valve on the radiator - it can be found either on the left or right side.

The radiator is held in place by the rubber fan skirts. Once the top is fully off, the radiator can be eased out of the way:

Top Open 1

This shot straight down into the case shows the power supply, temperature controller PCB, and radiator duct assembly. The latter is a plastic one piece unit that bolts into the top of the case, isolating the radiator and power supply from the rest of the case.